abillion touts themselves as “social media for social good”. By using our code COLPHAX on sign up, we can do even more good – together!

A community for sustainability.

Join people changing the world, one vegan dish or product at a time. Every review helps people around the world live more sustainably, influences businesses, and supports impactful causes. With nearly a million member-submitted reviews, abillion is making it easier for people around the world to live more sustainably.


abillion makes it easy for you to plan your next meal, wherever you are. Find vegan dishes near you (even at a steakhouse) and filter results by cuisines, categories, distance, prices, and ratings!

Review vegan options, whether that’s a dish at a restaurant, vegan products from your grocer, or even that cruelty- free beauty product or pair of shoes you adore.


Share your plant-based finds with the community to help the world make better choices.

You can review a range of products, from cheese alternatives to vegan shampoos. Create a following and engage with other members, restaurants and brands from around the world.


Join us in building a sustainable future. We credit you US$1 every time you post a review of a vegan dish or product. You can use the in-app credits to donate to a participating non-profit organization combating food security, supporting nature conservation or rescuing farm animals from cruelty. Your reviews guide members and businesses to be more sustainable, while also driving positive change around the world.

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